‘I Feel Trapped’: Students’ Experiences In Response to COVID-19 In Japan.

EssayKanagawa, Kanagawa ・ Mar 28, 2020

This essay was written by Dr John Guy Perrem, who is an urban geographer and educator. Follow his work on Urban Space Initiative, Twitter, and his personal photography website. The response to COVID-19... Keep Reading →

Senjo: the Cost Of Losing Japanese Marginal Villages

EssaySenjo, Ehime ・ Mar 10, 2020

This essay was written by Leo Porte, who researches the revitalisation of marginal villages in Japan. He has generously shared some of his research findings, which elucidate the importance of understanding... Keep Reading →

Taipei Ephemera: In Search Of What Makes Taipei Taipei

Essay Taipei ・ Nov 16, 2019

As an (almost) full-time traveler who loves to understand the uniqueness of each city I visit, I often create a mental image of the city based on what I think makes it unique. I also know that everyone... Keep Reading →

Mihama American Village: A Story on the Land Formerly Occupied by the U.S. Military

EssayAmerican Village, Okinawa ・ Jun 20, 2019

We recently visited Mihama American Village, a large entertainment complex located in the central part of Okinawa main island, Japan. The motivation of our visit wasn't the entertainment per se - rather... Keep Reading →

Things We Can Learn from Zoning

EssayWest Point Grey neighborhood, Vancouver ・ Sep 19, 2018

The other day I've participated in a walking tour which had a quite unique catchphrase - "Vancouver's Worst Zoning?". The event was organized by Abundant Housing Vancouver, which is a pro-housing group... Keep Reading →


先日、とてもユニークなタイトルに魅かれ、あるウォーキングツアーに参加した。その名も、「バンクーバーの最悪なゾーニング」。バンクーバーの住宅不足問題に取り組む、Abundant Housing... 読み続ける →

This Is Not About Race, but It Is — Thinking About White Gentrification In "Black Beverly Hills"

Essay Los Angeles ・ Jul 9, 2018

Recently I got to know a little bit about a neighborhood in LA called View Park, which later I discovered is called "Black Beverly Hills" - as opposed to its dominantly white counterpart. Frank Ocean's... Keep Reading →

Hip-Hop Architecture

Essay Los Angeles ・ Jul 1, 2018

Several days ago I got to know a brand new theory (at least for me) that is called "Hip-Hop Architecture" by participating an event hosted by MOCA - The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. It featured... Keep Reading →

The Urbanist’s Guide to Video Games!

Essay Elsewhere ・ Jun 26, 2018

Few months ago a friend of mine showed me a very interesting website that blew my mind — Parable of Polygons: an playable post on the shape of society. It shows a simulation of segregation that is playfully... Keep Reading →


数か月前、友人がとても興味深いWebサイトを見せてくれた。ノーベル経済学賞を受賞したゲーム理論学者のトーマス・シェリング氏が提唱した、Parable of Polygons(人種隔離シュミレーション)だ... 読み続ける →
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