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A Huge Small Place: An Interview by Everybody Works

Interview Tokyo ・ Sep 3, 2019

I recently had the honor to be interviewed by the amazing Editor David Willoughby on his new project Everybody Works. Everybody Works is a document of working culture in Tokyo, and the interview was all... Keep Reading →

”A Huge Small Place”: 「東京に暮らすということ」

東京の仕事文化をドキュメントする新しいプロジェクト、Everybody Worksさんに、「東京」をテーマにインタビューしてもらいました。都市を観察する方法や、東京をどう”居場所(ホーム)”にするか... 読み続ける →

Urbanist's Guide to Kyoto

Intro Kyoto ・ Aug 25, 2019

This is a series profiling interesting urban projects, reading lists, initiatives, and places for urbanists to get the gist of what is happening in a city at a glance. Email me if you, or someone you know... Keep Reading →

Urbanist's Guide to Rome

Intro Rome ・ Jul 30, 2019

Rome, the Eternal City. Our experience in Rome in the heatwave insanity in the middle of July had some ups and downs. But, it's Rome after all. It's hard not to be impressed by its ten-meter-thick subsoil... Keep Reading →


どこを歩いてもローマの古代遺跡がごろごろと転がっているローマ。考古学好きの人には夢のような街である一方で、現代建築や現在進行中の街づくりの実践などに興味がある人には、ちょっと物足りないかもしれない... 読み続ける →

EUR: The City Of Mussolini's Dreams

Place Rome ・ Jul 25, 2019

As most of the twenty-first-century metropolis, Rome is also caught between two incompatible contending realities: the vigorous energy of continuously expanding modern capital, and the inertia of ancient... Keep Reading →


ローマに滞在していた時のこと。猛暑のなか、街中に散らばる古代遺跡を訪ね歩き、最終的に、「古代もの」に若干うんざりしてしまった。古代ローマ帝国時代の建築と都市計画を全面的に売りにするのは良いとして... 読み続ける →

CityLife Shopping District, the Modern Heart Of Milan

PlaceCityLife, Milan ・ Jul 10, 2019

During our visit to Milan, we had a chance to explore citylife milan, one of the biggest urban developments in Europe. The district is located in the northwestern part of the city, and the development... Keep Reading →

Mihama American Village: A Story on the Land Formerly Occupied by the U.S. Military

EssayAmerican Village, Okinawa ・ Jun 20, 2019

We recently visited Mihama American Village, a large entertainment complex located in the central part of Okinawa main island, Japan. The motivation of our visit wasn't the entertainment per se - rather... Keep Reading →

Honmachi Escola: In Praise Of Do It Yourselfism

InterviewHonmachi Escola, Kyoto ・ Jun 3, 2019

One thing that we've encountered and continuously been impressed by in Kyoto is the thriving culture of "make it your own." We've seen a number of sustainable self-build projects that are lodging an eloquent... Keep Reading →


最近はリノベーションブームなどというけれど、出来上がったものを 見てみると、ヴィンテージな風を吹かせただけの、ほぼ新築ばりに高 予算で他人任せなプロジェクトも多い... 読み続ける →

Basement Kyoto, Providing Spaces for Kyoto's Burgeoning Art Community

InterviewVostok Kyoto, Kyoto ・ May 7, 2019

Japan's contemporary art scene used to be dominated by Tokyo until recently and there wasn't even enough information about art communities in the other part of the country. Things have changed, and now... Keep Reading →
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