The Urbanist’s Guide to Video Games!

Essay Elsewhere ・ Jun 26, 2018

Few months ago a friend of mine showed me a very interesting website that blew my mind — Parable of Polygons: an playable post on the shape of society. It shows a simulation of segregation that is playfully... Keep Reading →


数か月前、友人がとても興味深いWebサイトを見せてくれた。ノーベル経済学賞を受賞したゲーム理論学者のトーマス・シェリング氏が提唱した、Parable of Polygons(人種隔離シュミレーション)だ... 読み続ける →

9 Beautiful Books on Urban Analysis And Research

Essay Elsewhere ・ May 25, 2018

There are many great books out there on urban planning and design, but I realized not many of them quite sum up the full scope of roles of urban analysis and research. I believe that analytical process... Keep Reading →