Traveling Circus of Urbanism is a multidisciplinary, borderless publishing label and curatorial platform of urban journalism. We put forward a simple but contentious concept, namely, the need for more global perspectives in investigations of cities, and urban storytelling to side with the underrepresented.

Curatorial Research

We've collaborated with various clients in the field of architecture and urbanism, conducting trend research and area analysis, mediums, and helping them to verbalize their concepts.

  • Interview and trend research about the needs of large scale wooden builingds (DENSTU digital)
  • Interview research with tourists in the creative industry, concept development and copy writing for the web renewal (Loftcork.Inc / Kyoto Tourism Association)
  • Design research on map culture and needs in Japan (Stroly.Inc))
  • Curatorial research and development of online Exhibition: Overworld(Fundación Japón en México)
  • Curation and project manegement of Bridge to Kyoto, a residence for urbanists as well as an event, workshop, and gallery space.

Editing and Publishing

  • Traveling Circus of Urbanism: a platform for urban narratives that are collected from the world through traveling and dialogues with the citizens of the world.
  • Editorial direction and concept development of ZINE and small publications

Writing and Translation

  • Country Reporter of Japan(World Architecture Community)
  • Interviews and copy writings


  • Subjective Mapping Workshop(Universidad de Monterrey)
  • Design Sprint(Stroly.Inc)
  • Global Goals Jam Tokyo(Digital Society School)