Urbanism-Related Things to do and read @Vienna

Vienna Intro ・ Apr 13, 2015

Things to do, places to go

  1. An art & cultural center in the bread factory — Brotfabrik. Perfect example for an adaptive reuse without being too touristic.

  2. Das Packhaus: The temporary use project and Vienna’s largest startup hub.

  3. Between 1918 and 1934, Vienna was ruled by the Social Democrats government and they launched an extraordinary campaign to provide housing for working-class residents. Visit Karl Marx Hof and The museum in the laundry room!


  1. Get to know Vienna by reading the short novels and let your imagination wonder— Vienna tales

  2. More about Red Vienna: RED VIENNA: A WORKER’S PARADISE


  1. Space and Place — a non-profit group which uses social interventions to make important new connections across the city

  2. Paradocks / Das Packhaus is a project to connect vacant spaces and city’s demands by finding creative potential in them. Paradocks stands for the “paradox” of demand and supply of space in a city.