Things to do and read for urbanists @Vancouver

Vancouver Intro ・ Aug 13, 2018

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Things to do, places/project to check out


Organization, initiative

  • City Studio launched in 2011 with collaboration of City of Vancouver and Simon Fraser University. It has some experimental projects toco-created solutions for the city together with City staff and community,

  • Established in 1926, The Vancouver City Planning Commission is an advisory body of volunteers appointed by Council and the City’s oldest citizens’ body.

  • Happy Cityuses lessons from psychology and public health to design happiness into neighborhoods and cities. This TED talk by Charles Montgomery is helpful to understand what happy city is really about.

  • Modacity by Chris and Melissa Bruntlett, co-authors of the book “Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality”. This might be interesting for bike lovers!

  • Urbanarium is a group of the most committed urbanites in Vancouver, including architects, planners and other citizens who are passionate about city making. They have various events such as city debateS and bike tours!