Things We Can Learn from Zoning

EssayWest Point Grey neighborhood, Vancouver ・ Sep 19, 2018

The other day I've participated in a walking tour which had a quite unique catchphrase - "Vancouver's Worst Zoning?". The event was organized by Abundant Housing Vancouver, which is a pro-housing group... Keep Reading →


先日、とてもユニークなタイトルに魅かれ、あるウォーキングツアーに参加した。その名も、「バンクーバーの最悪なゾーニング」。バンクーバーの住宅不足問題に取り組む、Abundant Housing... 読み続ける →

Confronting the History Of Discrimination And Exclusion: Komagata Maru Memorial

PlaceKomagata Maru Memorial, Vancouver ・ Sep 10, 2018

The other day, I finally visited a monument that I've been wanting to visit for many years. Komagata Maru Memorial is located along the seawall near Convention Centre West in Vancouver - silent, but very... Keep Reading →

Walk Strathcona, And Check Out Vancouver's Registered Heritage Buildings

PlaceStrathcona, Vancouver ・ Sep 4, 2018

Strathcona is not a tourist destination by any means, but it is one of Vancouver's earliest neighborhoods and has a lot to offer to gratify urbanist's curiosity. Every summer, Regulatory Authority The... Keep Reading →

City Conversations About Vancouver Waterfront

PlaceVancouver Waterfront, Vancouver ・ Aug 23, 2018

I visited Friends of Waterfront in Seattle last month to learn about the future of Seattle's waterfront. They are already in a phase of implementing their concrete action plan, explaining it to citizens... Keep Reading →

Vancouver's Successful Model for Brownfield Redevelopment: Granville Island

PlaceGranville Island, Vancouver ・ Aug 20, 2018

Granville Island is one of the most popular touristic destinations and a bustling public space in Vancouver, but it is also a site that had significant impact on Vancouver's urban design history. If you... Keep Reading →


グランビルアイランド は、バンクーバーで最も人気のある観光地の1つであり、市民のための賑やかな公共スペースだ。そしてここは、バンクーバ―の都市デザインの歴史に、大きな影響を与えた場所でもある... 読み続ける →

Things to Do And Read for Urbanists @Vancouver

Intro Vancouver ・ Aug 13, 2018

• UBC Vantage Walking Tour is an educational app to learn the history of Downtown Vancouver. • Affordable housing projects in Gastown. Read: Co-op Housing In Vancouver Is The Affordable Option You Didn't... Keep Reading →