Evergreen Brick Works: Ravines Define Toronto, And It's Time to Talk About Nature In Cities

PlaceEvergreen Brick Works, Toronto ・ Oct 28, 2018

Although Toronto has many great examples of making the best use of old industrial buildings, such as 401 Richmond and the Distillery District, I feel like Evergreen Brick Works stands out the most with... Keep Reading →

都市と自然の関係性を再考する。古い煉瓦工場をリノベーションした、トロントの「Evergreen Brick Works」

カナダ最大の都市、トロント。トロントには、401 Richmondや the Distillery Districtなど、古い産業建築をうまくリノベーションした事例が多く存在します... 読み続ける →

The Distillery District: Conserving & Updating Heritage Buildings

PlaceThe Distillery District, Toronto ・ Oct 20, 2018

The Distillery District is one of the most popular sites of Toronto to visit, both for tourists and locals. This district comprises more than 40 heritage buildings of the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery... Keep Reading →

Inside Sidewalk Labs 307: Toronto's Famous Urban Laboratory

PlaceSidewalk Labs 307, Toronto ・ Oct 15, 2018

If you are an urbanist who is especially into technologies, smart cities, and citizen participation, you probably would have heard of Sidewalk Lab already. This increasingly famous urban innovation hub... Keep Reading →

Jane And Finch, Canada's Most Diverse Neighborhood

PlaceJane and Finch, Toronto ・ Oct 15, 2018

"Jane and Finch may not be the best-planned community. Blame the ’crats who put pen to paper back in the 60s." - ENZO DIMATTEO, 9 things we love about Jane-Finch Jane and Finch is a neighborhood located... Keep Reading →

The Bentway: the Vibrant Public Space Under the Expressway

PlaceThe Bentway, Toronto ・ Oct 15, 2018

There are some successful urban projects that turned ugly urban underpasses into fun, functioning public parks in North America. The Bentway in Toronto is a brand new 1.75 km linear park underneath the... Keep Reading →

A Hidden Spot for Creatives: 401 Richmond

Place401 Richmond, Toronto ・ Oct 12, 2018

“Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings.” – Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, 1961. I don't know how to describe the joy I felt when I found... Keep Reading →

トロントのリノベーションプロジェクト、「401 Richmond」

今年の春に日本で公開されたドキュメンタリー、『ジェイン・ジェイコブス;ニューヨーク都市革命ーもしジェイコブズがいなかったら、世界一エキサイティングな大都市・ニューヨークは、きっとずっと退屈だった... 読み続ける →

The Urbanist's Guide to Toronto

Intro Toronto ・ Sep 23, 2018

• The project initiatives by Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Lab is probably one of the hottest urban issues in Toronto right now. They are testing some of the Google-affiliate’s plans to develop a long... Keep Reading →