Things to do and read for urbanists @Tokyo

IntroArt Center Ongoing , Tokyo ・ June 1, 2018

• Participate URBANINGU which is a two day camp, that let you learn more about Tokyo thorough urbanist's perspective. • If you're an cyclist and want to experience biking in Tokyo, I absolutely recommend... Keep Reading →

What I learned at “Renovation School” in Tokyo

EssayIkegami , Tokyo ・ May 14, 2018

Have you ever heard of the “Renovation School” in Japan? You might already know that Japan is experiencing a rapid degeneration due to the declining population. This decline raises a lot of social issues... Keep Reading →

Event report: “Hack My City” — Connecting the Urban Scales from XS to XL

Essay100Banch , Tokyo ・ March 13, 2018

In March 2018, some of my colleagues and I had an opportunity to invite some of the most prominent practitioners in the field of urban community planning in Japan to our one-day event “Hack my City”. The... Keep Reading →

Urbanist MeetUp Tokyo: Examining the role of “urbanists” in improving urban life in Tokyo

Essay100Banch , Tokyo ・ December 12, 2017

Last year, I organized an “Urbanist Meetup Tokyo”, and this post aims to discuss the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration among the people who understand urbanity and love the cities we live in... Keep Reading →

Subjective Map Workshop #Shibuya

EssayShibuya , Tokyo ・ December 9, 2017

In 2017 December, I organized a workshop to encourage people to make their own map based on their own subjective experiences of a city. This article explains the philosophy behind this workshop as well... Keep Reading →

Design sprints for sustainable development goals: a recap from Global Goals Jam 2017 #Tokyo

Essay100Banch , Tokyo ・ September 17, 2017

On 16th-17th September 2017, I had the honor of hosting the first edition of the #GlobalGoalsJam — we invited various professionals, designers, creators, and students from more than 10 countries to share... Keep Reading →

Interview — Christian Dimmer, Urban Studies Prof of Waseda University

Interview Tokyo ・ November 24, 2016

I had a great opportunity to interview Christian Dimmer, a space / environment designer who is teaching Urbanism at Waseda University. He has been living in Tokyo for over 15 years to understand Japanese... Keep Reading →