New York

Urbanist's Guide to New York

Intro New York ・ Dec 29, 2018

• Obviously High Line - one of New York's finest urban parks and urban planner's dream. • There’s no place better to appreciate all things Jane Jacobs than New York City! Definitely visit Washington square... Keep Reading →

Industry City, the "SoHo" Of Sunset Park And Fear Of Gentrification

PlaceIndustry City, New York ・ Dec 26, 2018

Industry City is the century-old industrial complex located on the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Industry City used to be historic intermodal shipping and manufacturing complex, and it is Brooklyn's... Keep Reading →

Jackson Heights, the World’s "Most Diverse Neighborhood"

PlaceJackson Heights, New York ・ Dec 25, 2018

Jackson Heights is a neighborhood in the northwestern part of Queens, New York. It is known to be the most culturally diverse neighborhood in the United State, where 167 languages are spoken. I've always... Keep Reading →


様々な文化的背景を持つ人々が共存し、「人種のるつぼ」とも言われるニューヨーク。なかでも、クイーンズの北西部にある地区、ジャクソンハイツは、167もの言語が飛び交い「米国で最も文化的に多様な地域」として知られている... 読み続ける →