What should a public space sound like? Audiorama, a hidden gem in Bosque de Chapultepec

PlaceAudiorama, Mexico City ・ February 10, 2019

Chapultepec is one of the most important landmarks of Mexico City since the Pre-Columbian era. This large, over 686 hectares forest park is where Mexicans want to visit to enjoy a comfortable weekend together... Keep Reading →

Little L.A. - returnee migrants' hub to start a new life in Mexico City

PlaceLittle Los Angeles, Mexico City ・ February 3, 2019

It has become familiar with most of the western cities to have the neighborhoods called "Little -". Little Italy, Little Tokyo, Little Greece just to name a few. These neighborhoods have historically functioned... Keep Reading →

Parque Coppelia, the world’s largest ice cream parlour in Havana, Cuba

PlaceParque Coppelia, Havana ・ January 10, 2019

In Havana, I felt confused with the blend of different architectural types, and beautiful yet overwhelming architecture of decadence. Cuba: Architecture and the Social Order helped me to get a gist of... Keep Reading →

Callejon de Hamel, a site for Afro-Cuban Pop Art

PlaceCallejon de Hamel, Havana ・ January 8, 2019

Callejon de Hamel is a moderate size street that is hidden in Cayo Hueso neighborhood, and is one of the main centers of Afro-Cuban culture in Havana. The street is full of open-air galleries and public... Keep Reading →

Industry City, the "SoHo" of Sunset Park and fear of gentrification

Place New York ・ December 26, 2018

Industry City is the century-old industrial complex located on the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Industry City used to be historic intermodal shipping and manufacturing complex, and it is Brooklyn's... Keep Reading →

Jackson Heights, the World’s "Most Diverse Neighborhood"

Place New York ・ December 25, 2018

Jackson Heights is a neighborhood in the northwestern part of Queens, New York. It is known to be the most culturally diverse neighborhood in the United State, where 167 languages are spoken. I've always... Keep Reading →

Habitat 67 and Habitat 2.0?? Iconic Canadian housing complex and its comeback

Place Montreal ・ November 5, 2018

You simply can't leave Montréal without checking out Habitat 67 for Montréal’s world Expo in 1967. Until the visit, I didn't realize that Habitat 67 echoes with Metabolism, for instance, that are constructed... Keep Reading →

Evergreen Brick Works: Ravines define Toronto, and it's time to talk about nature in cities

Place Toronto ・ October 28, 2018

Although Toronto has many great examples of making the best use of old industrial buildings, such as 401 Richmond stands out the most with its scale and vision for cities of the future. Evergreen Brick... Keep Reading →
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