Urbanist's guide to Bogota

Intro Bogota ・ March 20, 2019

I watched Cities on Speed: Bogota Change (2009) a long time ago and got to know a little bit about the famous mayor Enrique Peñalosa in the capital of Columbia. My knowledge about Bogota was although not... Keep Reading →

Urbanist guide to Mexico City

Intro Mexico City ・ February 10, 2019

• It's a cliche, but architect Luis Barragán's former residence Casa Estudio Luis Barragán is a must visit for architecture lovers. • Founded by Mexican architect Fernando Romero, Archivo dieno y architectrie... Keep Reading →

Urbanist's guide to New York

Intro New York ・ December 29, 2018

• Obviously High Line - one of New York's finest urban parks and urban planner's dream. • There’s no place better to appreciate all things Jane Jacobs than New York City! Definitely visit Washington square... Keep Reading →

Urbanist's guide to Chicago

Intro Chicago ・ December 4, 2018

• It's been said that Chicago's Neighborhood Parks is one of the 10 parks that changed America and Calvert Vaux executed that vision in a system of smaller neighborhood parks that serve better for immigrants... Keep Reading →

The urbanist's guide to Toronto

Intro Toronto ・ September 23, 2018

• The project initiatives by Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Lab is probably one of the hottest urban issues in Toronto right now. They are testing some of the Google-affiliate’s plans to develop a long... Keep Reading →

Urbanism-Related Things to do and read @Yogyakarta

Intro Yogyakarta ・ September 14, 2018

It is a series profiling interesting urban projects, reading lists, initiatives, and places for urbanists to get the gist of what is happening in a city at a glance. Email me if you, or someone you know... Keep Reading →

Things to do and read for urbanists @Vancouver

Intro Vancouver ・ August 13, 2018

• UBC Vantage Walking Tour is an educational app to learn the history of Downtown Vancouver. • Affordable housing projects in Gastown. Read: Co-op Housing In Vancouver Is The Affordable Option You Didn't... Keep Reading →

Things to do and read for urbanists @Seattle

Intro Seattle ・ August 5, 2018

• If you are an urbanist you would love maps too. Metsker Maps of Seattle is considered to be the largest map store in the U.S. • Visit Friends of Waterfront Seattle to learn more about the waterfront... Keep Reading →
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