CICLO: Using art and culture for reappropriating our cities

InterviewCasa Barrio Tepito, Mexico City ・ March 19, 2019

"I am interested in urbanism in the way that it reflects our society. How we live in our cities is how we live in our society,” said Laura Reséndiz, an art director of CICLO. CICLO is a Mexico-based organization... Keep Reading →

Architects' role for post-disaster reconstruction: Aftermath of earthquake on Lombok - interview with a community architect

Interview Yogyakarta ・ November 10, 2018

In August 2018, the Indonesian island of Lombok has been shaken by two strong earthquakes. After weeks of tremors, it was reported that hundreds of people got killed during the disaster. After the event... Keep Reading →

City and migration: Interview with Sankar Raman from The Immigrant Story

Interview Portland ・ August 14, 2018

During my stay in Portland, I encountered a very inspiring project called The Immigrant Story, which collects stories and photographs of immigrants in order to document/archive their voices. Sankar Raman... Keep Reading →

Walk, listen, and learn - an insight from The Urbanist San Francisco tour

Interview San Francisco ・ July 19, 2018

A few weeks ago I finally had the great opportunity to join a tour that I've been following online for a long time - The Urbanist SF, which contains some essential items for all the city lovers and urban... Keep Reading →

Interview: ILLLUTRON, a maker space that moves across the Copenhagen port

InterviewIllutron, Copenhagen ・ September 26, 2017

I manage to have an interview with Vanessa Carpenter— the co-founders of ILLUTRON, which is a maker space that is anchored at the port in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a renovated 400-ton old ship and now... Keep Reading →

Interview — Christian Dimmer, Urban Studies Prof of Waseda University

Interview Tokyo ・ November 24, 2016

I had a great opportunity to interview Christian Dimmer, a space / environment designer who is teaching Urbanism at Waseda University. He has been living in Tokyo for over 15 years to understand Japanese... Keep Reading →