Mexico City

CICLO: Using Art And Culture for Reappropriating Our Cities

InterviewCasa Barrio Tepito, Mexico City ・ Mar 19, 2019

"I am interested in urbanism in the way that it reflects our society. How we live in our cities is how we live in our society,” said Laura Reséndiz, an art director of CICLO. CICLO is a Mexico-based organization... Keep Reading →

The Tragedies Of Mexico City’s Tlatelolco Housing Complex

PlacePlaza de las Tres Culturas, Mexico City ・ Mar 1, 2019

I've recently watched a 2004 Mexican film Temporada de patos directed by Fernando Eimbcke. The movie depicts two fourteen years old kids and their "ordinary" yet adventurous Sunday in Mexico City. While... Keep Reading →

Urbanist Guide to Mexico City

Intro Mexico City ・ Feb 10, 2019

• It's a cliche, but architect Luis Barragán's former residence Casa Estudio Luis Barragán is a must visit for architecture lovers. • Founded by Mexican architect Fernando Romero, Archivo dieno y architectrie... Keep Reading →

Urbanist guide to Mexico City

人口2200万人を数える、ラテンアメリカ最大の都市、メキシコシティ。英語での情報がまだまだ少なく、最初は街づくりや建築関連の事例も、表面的なものしか見つからなかった。現地の友人や、拙いスペイン語を駆使して見つけた... 読み続ける →

What Should a Public Space Sound Like? Audiorama, a Hidden Gem In Bosque De Chapultepec

PlaceAudiorama, Mexico City ・ Feb 10, 2019

Chapultepec is one of the most important landmarks of Mexico City since the Pre-Columbian era. This large, over 686 hectares forest park is where Mexicans want to visit to enjoy a comfortable weekend together... Keep Reading →

屋外で音楽が楽しめる! メキシコシティの公園は「音」もデザイン

広場、駅、空港、商店街、デパート、スーパーマーケット、テ一マパーク、病院、学校など、私たちが普段接しているパブリックスペースには、さまざまな音や音楽が存在します。人々の話し声や雑踏... 読み続ける →

Little L.A. — Returnee Migrants' Hub to Start a New Life In Mexico City

PlaceLittle Los Angeles, Mexico City ・ Feb 3, 2019

It has become familiar with most of the western cities to have neighborhoods called "Little -". Little Italy, Little Tokyo, Little Greece just to name a few. These neighborhoods have historically functioned... Keep Reading →


欧米の大都市を訪れると、「リトル〇〇」と呼ばれるエリアがいくつかあることに、気づく人も多いだろう。ロサンジェルスにあるリトル・トーキョーのほか、リトル・イタリー、リトル・イスタンブールなど... 読み続ける →