Urbanist's Guide to Bogota

Intro Bogota ・ Mar 20, 2019

I watched Cities on Speed: Bogota Change (2009) a long time ago and got to know a little bit about the famous mayor Enrique Peñalosa in the capital of Columbia. My knowledge about Bogota was although not... Keep Reading →

Voices Of the Barrios: Bogota, Colombia

InterviewLa Familia Ayara, Bogota ・ Mar 2, 2019

The ninth session of the World Urban Forum (WUF9) in 2018 that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was one of the most fruitful conferences I've ever attended in my life. I've met a number of quite interesting... Keep Reading →


ロサンゼルスで、今まで聞いたことのない建築理論に出会った「。ヒッ プホップ・アーキテクチャー」という言葉だ。ヒップホップ・カルチャー の視点から、従来の建築や都市プランニング... 読み続ける →