Seaholm EcoDistrict — Austin's Sustainable Urban Renewal

PlaceSeaholm EcoDistrict, Austin ・ May 31, 2018

Seaholm EcoDistrict is an 85-acre urban development on the edge of downtown - it once used to be the city-owned power plant and a water treatment facility. After the power plant was decommissioned in 1989... Keep Reading →

Austin Creative Reuse

PlaceAustin Creative Reuse, Austin ・ May 28, 2018

I found this little place called Austin Creative Reuse, which is run by a nonprofit organization that collects, sells, and distributes donated articles. They focus on a community building for smarter purchase... Keep Reading →

Urbanism-Related Things to Do And Read @Austin

Intro Austin ・ May 28, 2018

1. Austin’s “new urbanist enclave”, Mueller Read: How One City Turned Industrial Zones Into Green Enclaves 2. Fostering conservation and reuse through creativity, education and community building. There... Keep Reading →

Mueller — a Former Industrial Zone to a Sustainable Enclave

PlaceMueller, Austin ・ May 28, 2018

During my stay in Austin, I had a chance to visit a neighborhood called Mueller - Austin's 700-acre wide 'showplace' of new urbanism and enlightened sustainable living. The neighborhood looks lovely, with... Keep Reading →